Library Courses

Courses Offered at the Library

Electronic Access to Information (CGS 1050)

This one credit hour course is designed to provide students with an introduction to information retrieval using various online resources. Students will learn how to retrieve, evaluate, and cite relevant results from databases and search engines on the Internet. The course meets the Pensacola State College general education requirement for the A.A. or A.S. computer competence and prepares students to research independently. Class attendance is required.

For more information about CGS1050 contact Virginia Vail, Librarian, Pensacola Campus, (850) 484-2084.

Introduction to Internet Research (LIS 1004)

This one credit, online class is delivered through eLearning. Lessons focus on methods of accessing and evaluating resources available on the Internet. Students learn how to perform Boolean searches, the basics of URL’s, the idiosyncracies of how to search using search engines vs search directories, as well as how to cite the webpages found according to the MLA Handbook. Meets A.A. or A.S. computer competency requirements.

For more information about LIS 1004 contact Spencer Davis, Librarian, Warrington Campus, (850) 484-2263; or Charlotte Sweeney, Librarian, Milton Campus, (850) 484-4452; or Margaret Henderson, Librarian, Pensacola Campus, (850) 484-2091.